Wir trauern....

Jul 9, 2019

11.01.2006 - 09.07.2019

Unsere Seele, meine beste Freundin auf 4 Beinen ist am Dienstag ganz friedlich und nur mit sehr kurzem Anzeichen von mir gegangen. Ich wußte wenn es soweit ist, wird sie es uns versuchen so leicht wie möglich zu machen und so war es auch. Sie wurde 13 Jahre und 5 Monate - ein stolzes Alter für einen Cavalier!

Ally Spirelli wird uns immer im Herzen bleiben, sie ist der Anfang von all unseren Zuchterfolgen und hatte einen einmaligen lustigen Character den ich hoffe noch lange lange in meinen Linien und ihren Urahnen beibehalten zu können.

Schlaf schön mein Schatz!


Unsere süßen Welpen von Romeo & Helga ziehen aus!

Jul 8, 2019

Der süße "Flo" macht Ina und ihre Familie jetzt glücklich. 

Charlie ist zu Familie Uhlig ins Erzgebirge gezogen. 

Nala wohnt jetzt in Bayern und wickelt Familie Schieder um ihre Pfote.

Der kleine Schatz Alfie ist zu Sarah Böhm und ihrer süßen Familie gezogen. 

Und das kleine "Sorgenkind" Lucky hatte Glück und wird von Familie Forner rundum liebevoll umsorgt.


Danke an all die tollen Familien für die schöne Zeit! Auf ein baldiges Wiedersehen :-)

Annual Trophy Winner Show 2019

Jul 7, 2019

It's My Time Maradeco King
(Guns 'n Roses Snukraina x Royal Times Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) 

Junior BOB & Annual Trophy Junior Winner 2019

Thank you to great judge Cathy Delmar, IRE


Royal Romance Oh Dear Me
(Angel's Pride Benjamin Button x Royal Romance Hug Me)

won Junior class girls & the title too :-)


New Champions für unseren Zwinger

Jul 1, 2019

Wir freuen uns über gleich 3 neue Titel! Vielen Dank den glücklichen Besitzern für die Mühe!

Royal Romance Glamtastic
wird Amerikanischer Champion. Besitzer Kim Gardener, Eureka, USA

Royal Romance D'Light
wird Deutscher Champion, herzlichen Glückwunsch an Julia Braun und ihre Familie! Finley ist außerdem einer der wenigen Rüden die im CCD die Premium-Köhrzucht erreicht haben. Hut ab für so viel Engagement, wir sind sehr stolz auf seine Gesundheitsresultate.


Royal Romance Pretty Pretty Please
erläuft sich mit Leichtigkeit den Jugendchampion Club mit ihrer talentierten Besitzerin Nadine Queitsch. 

Rosen Cavalier Show 2019

Jun 22, 2019

Mimi's first time out as an Adult was a great start...

Photo: Corinna Beckert

Royal Romance Oh Dear Me gewann die Zwischenklasse, wurde zur Besten Hündin und BOS gekürt und damit gewann sie den begehrten Titel

Photo: Corinna Beckert

Royal Romance Queeky Miss Cheekie startete mit 7 Monaten in der Puppy Klasse und wurde Best Puppy!

Last but not least unser süßer polnischer Youngster TOZZI bekam den 2. Platz in der Jugendklasse Rüden und das JCAC in blenheim. Damit ist er Jugendchampion Club.

Wir danken der Richterin Andrea Sedgbeer (Russmic, UK) für den Erfolg und dem tollen Sonderleiterteam für die reiche Beschenkung der Aussteller.



Mar 19, 2019

Big Update made for new section "Happy Families"

Unsere Lords:

Newcomer boy TOZZI
"It's My Time Maradeco King My Love"

ROMEO - Royal Romance For You
Offspring Kids 


Julida's Loving Romance


Thank you so much for all Aida!

Great start in 2019

Mar 17, 2019

Great Start of the new show season 2019!

Double CAC Show Bindlach our team was successful:

Royal Romance I‘m Heavensent 2 X BEST OF BREED – NEW GERMAN CHAMPION :–)

Royal Romance Keep Me 2 X CAC 

Royal Romance Pretty Pretty Please 2 X first place & JCAC Sunday

It's My Time Maradeco King My Love 2 X JCAC & JBOB Saturday

And last but not least our Newcomer from Italy Julida‘s Loving Romance 2 X very promising 1st place. Stella is co-owned with our friend Nadine.

Thank you to their breeders for the great cooperation during the last years to make it happen to have these 2 promising youngsters.

Holland Cup ~ CACIB Amsterdam

Dec 14, 2018

Great News from the Netherlands where

with his handler Katja! Way to go sweet team!!

Romeo also opened his Dutch Championship therewith by getting the Dutch CC :-)

Thank you to judge Inga Siil from Estonia!


Helga is new Junior Champion

Dec 8, 2018

Royal Romance Keep Me
(Orchard Hill Just Enough Cash x CH Royal Romance Enjoy Me)

Our naughty HELGA finally made it to the German Junior Champion,
barely shown in 2018 since we enjoyed our summer with gardening and our Youngsters :-)

Thanks to Katja Rauhut for her expert handling! Also thanks to the womnderful Ladies involved in Helga's Daddy Cash!!

Benelux Winner Shows

Nov 20, 2018

Our Team did so well under Norma Inglis, UK.

Angie, Romeo & Mimi joined me this weekend with our dear friends we had a great time in Belgium.

Royal Romance I‘m Heavensent got the res CAC, Romeo res CAC & res CACIB,

RR Oh Dear Me first time in junior with 9 months, winning the title Benelux Junior Winner & BOS Junior both days.

Thanks for a great day!

Alpensieger Switzerland

Nov 9, 2018

2 x BOB, 2 x CACIB, 2 x CAC for the Switzerland Champion for our sweet boy!

Thank you to Katja for taking him on this road trip!

Oh, Romeo.....

Romeo @EURO DOG SHOW 2018 in Poland

Oct 23, 2018

Multi CH ROYAL ROMANCE FOR YOU won the strong Champion Class at the EDS Specialty! Therewith he opened the polish CH title and got the CWC.
Thanks to super handler Katja Rauhut for the excellent performance!


At the big EURO DOG SHOW he won
4th place from a huge class of 19 Champion dogs
from all over Europe.


Welcome TOZZI

Sep 21, 2018

We are delighted about this little guy who joined us from Poland....

It's My Time Maradeco King My Love is his name in Memorian to my Mom and her affix Royal Times.

His dam is one of the last girls my dear Mom had bred
Royal Times Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
(RR Goldfinger x RR Enjoy Me)

Many thanks for the super care, relationship and special attention to TOZZI'S breeder in Poland Joanna Staszuk.

Also thanks to Arkadiusz Tracz for letting us use his sweet boy Guns 'N Roses Snukraina
and allowing to let this sweet son coming to Germany, he is treasured so much!!!




Supermom Gipsy

Aug 1, 2018

A few days before her birthday we are happy to announce a special birthday present for our beloved and one in a million girl


clear heart with 8 years!

And meanwhile she is Mum to 4 clear scanned child-boys from 3 different litters who sire(d) quite a bunch of offsprings especially in East Europe.

GIPSY had 16 puppies in her life in total and

8 of them are Champions

2 are Junior Champions and on their way to finish the Adult title too!

Her grandchildren here with us are made up too meanwhile and to top it she has been the Mom of

(German Cavalier Club, Toy Association & Finnish Cavalier Club) Top Rankings over the Years:

Puppy of the Year 2013 - Trudie

Top Female 2014 - Trudie

Top Male of the Year 2015 - Carlos

Puppy of the Year 2016 - Angie

TOP CAVALIER 2016 - Romeo (Trudie's Son)

Top Male Finnish Cavalier Club 2017 - Sky


Our Gipsy is also a pure darling to live with and I carefully call her my smiling "sharky" as she eats like a Dyson ;-)
She also still sleeps on my pillow above me every night since she was a puppy. I cherish every day we are able to spend together!


Bye, Bye lovely Sky...

Jul 22, 2018

In 2 days we travel to Finland to bring SKY back home, where he is badly missed by his owners.

We are grateful to them that they let him stay here for 4 months and we are happy to report he has collected
 5 VDH- CACs & 1 Club CAC while his stay plus was BOS, Annual Trophy Winner with CACIB
at his final show in Germany.

He will leave some sweet babies here in Germany and we are looking forward to see them grow.

Thanks to his owners for a lovely summer with Mister Sky!


Rose Cavalier Show 2018

Jun 23, 2018

Baby MIMI did us proud again!!!

Out from Minor Puppy against 8 months old ones she got BOS Puppy under Anita Godwin, UK.

And so many new friends (human!!) ;-)


Thanks to the judge for the sweet words!


Parent Club Show 2018

Jun 9, 2018

Our Youngsters did us proud at the CCD Clubshow!


Royal Romance Oh Dear Me
(CH UK Top Sire 2015 Angel's Pride Benjamin Button - CH JCH Royal Romance Hug Me)

MIMI our sweet Newcomer surprised us at her very first show in the tener age at 4 months and a week. 

and that's not all


Royal Romance Keep Me
(Orchard Hill Just Enough Cash - CH Royal Romance Enjoy Me)

First time out in Junior with 9 months, Club Junior Winner blenheim by winning her class and was honoured in the finals with 


we are so delighted. Thank you to breed specialist Cesar Cortes (Londoncor, UK)!


Last but not least our boy SKY

CH Royal Romance I'm McDreamy
(SE CH Pascavale Lorenzo - CH Royal Romance A Samba Pa Ti)

2nd in Championclass, in great competition.


Hopes ~ Helga

Mar 31, 2018

Our sweetie Royal Romance Keep Me finally got her own page under Hopes.

We get a guest soon!

Mar 21, 2018

We are so happy to announce our little "Easter Egg"


will come in the begin of April! Thanks to his owners Saija & Sirpa to let him come back to Germany for a while!

Sky is the full brother to our sweet RR I'm Heavensent. You can find their pedigree here.

Health checks: Clear Heart by Cardiologist, Clear Eyes by specialist, Patella clear by specialist

"Sky" was BEST IN SHOW at only 15 months from Junior at the prestigious Finnish Club Show under Tanya Ireland, Ellemich UK (Entry 140).

Meanwhile he is Finish, Swedish & Latvian Champion.

~ Available for suitable bitches while his stay! ~

We are able to send fresh chilled semen!!!


Some of Sky's lovely photos
Done all by Saija Niemi, thank you!

News from France

Mar 20, 2018

Royal Romance Kiss Me

was Best Puppy already 2 times in France and we send our congratulations to Alan and Marilyn for the lovely presentation of Kissy. 

At the CACIB in Périgueux she also got under the last 5 for Best Puppy in Show!

Kissy & Helga are out of our special girl CH Royal Romance Enjoy Me.


Their Daddy is from very solid build old lines I always wanted to have in our pedigrees and am more than happy with the fantastic result of these 2 girls! Thanks again to the Ladies from Orchard Hill and Tanja & Janna for bringing Cash to Germany!


CAC Erfurt

Feb 18, 2018

Our sweet team, from left to right:

Helga, Bradley, Angie

Little debut for all of our 3 Sweeties in their classes:

Royal Romance Keep Me was a wild little thing in the ring,

Just Dressed To Impress of Gillbrook got his first CAC and our darling

Royal Romance I'm Heavensent collected her CAC, first time in Open.

Thanks to judge Piotr Krol and Corinna for the photo!

New Photos for Bradley

Jan 5, 2018

Our sweet guest boy had a special Spa day with Katja Rauhut (Plush Puppy Germany). These were the results. Thanks Katja for your magic hands and kiss to Mommies Tanja, Janna & Anett for your trust!

Can't wait to see his first babies soon!

 Soon more in his Gallery under Lords.