Royal Romance A Samba Pa Ti

Aug 3, 2010

Who would have thought Gipsy would be such a keyplayer in our breeding!
I remember well when people looked at me like "what do you want with this hairy chunky girl".

Her puppies she had were outstanding, every litter was a new dream coming true and we were so blessed to have 3 wonderful girls and also access to many of her boys she produced.

She produced 6 adult Champions plus 2 are in the making and are already Junior Champions.

Since 2017 she is retired and we enjoy her as our Granny together with her Mom Ally. Gipsy is still heart clear with 7 years.

GIPSY is out of the last litter from our lovely girl Ally McBeal. After we had in 2009 also a promising litter from her we decided to do something quite smilar. 


Gipsy with her Mom Ally & first daughter we kept 2013, Trudie.